What we can help with

We are committed to the health of all dogs. Whether your dog has a muscle or joint issue, requires post-surgery rehabilitation, or you are after prevenative treatment and improved performance, we are here for you and your dog.

Musculoskeletal Issues and Conditions

Whether your dog experiences pain due to muscle tightness or an injury, joint conditions such as arthritis or hip/elbow dysplasia, or simply feels the aches and pain of old age, Paws4Paws can help your dog improve mobility and strength, and decrease pain.

Post-Surgery Rehabilitation

After surgery, your dog is often immobilised for days or perhaps even weeks leading to muscle wastage and abnormal gait patterns. At Paws4Paws we work in conjunctioin with your vet to re-build strength, improve mobility and increase balance and proprioception. 

Injury Prevention and Improved Performance

Preventative treatment is a great way to maintain performance levels high and the risk of injury low. Suitable for athletes all the way through to couch potatoes, preventative treatment is something every dog parent should consider for their furry family member.