What is improved performance?

Canine athletes who perform in competitions such as agility, flyball and other competitive sports, or working dogs who are herding are often asked to perform repetitive activities that are demanding on their musculoskeletal system. These activities put considerable stress on your dog’s spine, muscles and joints and can lead to biomechanical dysfunction with short and long term consequences for your dog’s performance and overall health.

How we can help

At Paws4Paws we address tense and sore muscles that are very common when repetitive and high impact activities are involved. We use a variety of modalities such as remedial massage techniques, myofascial pain and trigger point release, passive and active range of motion exercises, stretches and acupressure to release tension, improve range of motion, release restricted fascia and reduce pain. Regular assessment and treatment also reduces the risk of injury as we can identify and address problem areas before they become sinister.