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We tailor our therapy sessions to your dog’s immediate and long-term needs. We take into account all different activity levels, ages, conditions, and injuries and adjust our treatment to achieve optimum rehabilitation and well-being. Treatments may include

  • remedial massage
  • myotherapy
  • rehabilitative strengthening exercises
  • proprioceptive exercises
  • myofacsial pain release
  • acupressure

Our therapy sessions include gait, posture and balance assessment, as well as soft tissue analysis, to detect any abnormalities that might cause discomfort or indicate injuries. A treatment lasts 50-60 minutes.

We will also provide you with a customised home exercise program tailored to the needs of your dogs so you can continue treatment at home. 

Another title Paws4Paws

more text about us Are you looking for a Canine Physical Therapist who can improve your dog’s quality of life?

Is your dog experiencing pain due to muscular issues or joint conditions such as arthritis and hip dysplasia? Has your dog had surgery recently? Is your dog very active, an athlete or even a working dog who would benefit from treatment to prevent injury?

We are a Melbourne based Canine Myotherapy, Massage and Rehabilitation business and offer private home consultations and treatments.