Post Operative Care

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After an operation, your dog may be in pain, experience swelling and inflammation. Our beloved friend is often immobilised for days or perhaps even weeks which has an impact on both the physical and psychological well-being of your dog.
Restricted movement leads to reduced circulation of lymph and blood, muscle wasting (atrophy), reduced muscle strength and flexibility, overcompensation with another body part leading to tight and injury prone muscles, poor joint stability and Range of Motion (ROM).
Poor blood circulation leads to restricted supply of nutrients and oxygen to the cells and the anaesthetic and medication that is administered after surgery leaves an accumulation of toxins in the tissue.
Restricted movement can also lead to boredom, anxiety and stress, affecting the mental state of your furry friend.

How can Canine Myofunctional Therapy (CMT) help?

Bring your dog back to their normal, bouncing self with our therapeutic and remedial massage techniques. Our massage therapist is qualified in Canine Myofunctional Therapy, acupressure and therapeutic massage to help your dog speed up its recovery.
Therapeutic massage improves blood circulation, leading to an inflow of oxygen and nutrients to the tissue and an elimination of metabolic waste, reduces swelling that has emerged due to inactivity, instigates a mild form of exercise without weight bearing and risk of re-injury, increases muscular tone in atrophied muscles, alleviates pain, relaxes overcompensating muscle groups, thus preventing secondary injury, reduces stress and anxiety, and promotes relaxation.
Especially in cases when scar tissue from surgery has grown dense and thick, the muscle underneath grows weaker and shorter, and thus become inflexible and prone to injury, and places tension on tendons as it toughens.

In every circumstance

No matter the type of surgery, we will help to restore your beloved dog to full health. We cover massage after surgery for joint and ligament reconstructions, and bone fractures, among other concerns such as ACL tear, patella luxation repair, hip reconstruction and IVVD surgery.
Dog massage is an important restorative technique that helps to restore your dog to optimum health. The results of massage therapy affects the whole body, including the immune system and nervous systems and as such is a powerful wholistic technique.
For more information about creating a treatment plan for your dog – including at-home stretches that you can do for your dog – contact our myofunctional therapist.