Muscle Tightness & Injury


Whether your dog has tired muscles from running, fetching and play fighting, or is affected by a muscle injury, muscle relaxation and injury therapy is essential for improving their quality of life.
Our therapist in Melbourne is a certified practitioner in Canine Myofunctional Therapy – a remedial treatment for repairing and relaxing injured muscle groups. With years of experience in therapeutic massage and acupressure, she is able to attend to each dog’s exact and individual needs, creating a custom plan to alleviate pain and repair injured muscles through therapeutic massage.

How do muscle problems develop?

Living an active lifestyle – as most dogs do – can cause significant strain and tears to overworked muscles and tissues. This is especially likely when your dog engages in sudden activities and repetitive behaviours, such as jumping, twisting and hard braking to fetch a ball, jumping out of a car or off a bed, and excessive running – all of which can place strain on their body parts.
When a body part is injured, it develops a dense scar tissue that can leave the body feeling stiff and affected by a lack of movement. Once scar tissue grows thick and firm, the affected muscle becomes shorter and weaker which causes pain and leaves the muscle prone to further injury. It also puts unnecessary tension on tendons which can result in chronic and very painful tendinitis. In addition, it has the potential to trap nerves which may lead to severe pain, atrophy, circulatory changes and numbness.

How our injury therapy techniques help

Our massage practitioner is qualified in specialised canine massage therapy that helps to relieve strained and injured muscles and restore them to peak function and flexibility. By massaging your dog’s sore and stiff muscles, our individualised dog therapy will help to reduce scar tissue formation, break down already existing scar tissue, remove damaged cells and toxins to stimulate healing after injury, and alleviate pain and stiffness.
A wholistic treatment, dog therapeutic and remedial massage is excellent in boosting overall health. The therapy has the added benefit of improving blood circulation, boosting the lymphatic system and alleviating pain due to arthritis, hip dysplasia and other conditions. The dog’s posture will see a significant improvement, and the therapeutic technique has benefits for a shiny, healthy coat.
For advice on how to set up a dog therapy session in Melbourne, contact our friendly therapists.