Anxiety Treatments


Similar to humans, dogs can experience intense stress and nervousness which can lead to chronic anxiety – perhaps it was a shocking incident that happened early in their life that caused the issue, or maybe they have a generally anxious personality.

What causes my dog’s anxiety and stress?

Your dog is driven by its instinctual fight-or-fight response, which comes in useful when wolves – your pet’s close cousins – are hunting in the wild. Should they meet a predator or other danger, a wild animal will have to decide whether to attack the problem (fight) or flee the scene (flight). Either option requires a high dose of cortisol to be pumped through the bloodstream, giving the dog energy and stimulating its senses during its attack or retreat.
In a more domestic setting, dogs rarely have to fight of aggressors or flee a potentially life-threatening situation – certainly no bears or mountain lions – however, our hectic and busy environment often causes other stress factors for our dogs which initiate a release of cortisol into the bloodstream. High levels of the hormone are problematic, and can lead to the behavioural problems such as chronic anxiety, aggression and depression. Therefore, it is important to alleviate the stress early.

How do our stress and anxiety treatments work?

Dog massage stimulates the release of hormones that act in opposition to the stress hormone cortisol: dopamine, serotonin and endorphins, for happiness, calmness and pain relief for a more relaxed and happy animal.
Our qualified Melbourne Canine Myofunctional Therapy (CMT) practitioner performs therapeutic massage treatments whereby your dog’s stress levels will be reduced over time, thus creating a more balanced emotional state.
For more information on how to organise an appointment at your home for your pet, contact our canine massage therapists in Melbourne for effective dog anxiety treatments.