Arthritis Therapy


Arthritis Therapy for Dogs in Melbourne

Arthritis causes degeneration and inflammation in the joints, and a loss of protective fluid and lubrication from the joint area. A common ailment in older dogs, it can lead to chronic pain and restricted movement.
When your dog slows down, is reluctant to jump, becomes stiff, and can no longer bounce around like they used to, it is very likely that your dog’s joints have been affected by arthritis. Even though dogs are not able to communicate their level of pain, you can tell that their quality of life is reduced as they are less able to do the activities that used to make them happy.

How we conduct our arthritis therapy

Massage provides a great technique for dog arthritis therapy by alleviating pain around the affected joints and muscles. Using certified Canine Myofunctional Therapy (CMT) in our Melbourne location, we help to control and alleviate pain, increase joint motion, improve muscle and tendon flexibility, and most importantly prolong the deteriorating effects of arthritis.
Using CMT on your dog is the best way to target the stiff muscle groups around the affected joint that put unnecessary pressure on the already painful joint. Using qualified massage techniques, we loosen these stiff muscles and thus help to relieve your dog of pain. We also work on other muscles groups that experience pain and stiffness due to your dog’s reduced activity levels as a result of the arthritis. As well as drug free pain alleviation, CMT also helps to clean waste around joints, increase range of movement and improve muscle tone – all of which are essential measures in controlling canine joint issues.
The procedure has added benefits such as improved circulation and digestion, a healthy, glossy coat, improved posture, and stress reduction as your dog reaches old age.

How does muscle therapy for dogs work for arthritis patients?

CMT slows down the process of degeneration by loosening and stimulating the painful, stiff and underused muscles around the joint. Once those muscles are relaxed, they return to their initial and natural lengthened (not contracted) position and thus release the undesired stress that has been put on the already painful joints. As a result, it alleviates the joint pain caused by excessive amounts of friction between bones, and helps your dog to live a better quality of life.

Our qualified dog massage therapist

With an extensive background in canine massage, our therapist is a certified practitioner of CMT. She has gained significant experience in therapeutic massage and acupressure techniques, and is well positioned to assist your dog’s pain relief. Contact her in Melbourne for more information on giving your dog a better quality of life.