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Our mission is to improve the quality of life for our canine companions through remedial massage, stretching and strengthening exercises to keep our pets well balanced physically and psychologically. Our dog massage therapist in Melbourne is a certified Canine Myofunctional Therapy (CMT) practitioner from the National College of Traditional Medicine (NCTM) with a background in Remedial Massage and Shiatsu (East West College of Natural Therapies).



Muscle Tightness & Injury

Whether your dog has tired muscles from running, fetching and play fighting, or is affected by a muscle injury, muscle relaxation and injury therapy is essential for improving their quality of life. Our therapist in Melbourne is a certified practitioner in Canine Myofunctional Therapy –...

Arthritis Therapy

Arthritis causes degeneration and inflammation in the joints, and a loss of protective fluid and lubrication from the joint area. A common ailment in older dogs, it can lead to chronic pain and restricted movement. When your dog slows down, is reluctant to jump, becomes...

Anxiety Treatments

Similar to humans, dogs can experience intense stress and nervousness which can lead to chronic anxiety – perhaps it was a shocking incident that happened early in their life that caused the issue, or maybe they have a generally anxious personality. What causes my dog’s...

Elderly Dogs

As your dog ages, their body can slow down as the muscles and joints struggle to work at their full capacity. They may become afflicted with arthritis, have a greater chance of bone breakage and have to deal with muscle atrophy. Just like in humans,...

Dog Hip Dysplasia

A degenerative condition, dog hip dysplasia affects the ‘ball-and-socket’ joint at the top of the femur (the thigh bone) preventing it from gliding smoothly in the hip socket, leading to pain and bone spurs. While it is generally believed that hip dysplasia is a congenital...

Post Operative Care

After an operation, your dog may be in pain, experience swelling and inflammation. Our beloved friend is often immobilised for days or perhaps even weeks which has an impact on both the physical and psychological well-being of your dog. Restricted movement leads to reduced circulation...

How massages for dogs can help

As each dog is an individual, we tailor our massage sessions to your dog’s immediate and long-term needs. We take into account all different activity levels, ages and conditions, and adjust our treatment to achieve optimum health, applying therapeutic, remedial and relaxation techniques.

Therapeutic and remedial canine massages

Left unchecked, a small injury can develop into something more sinister – it is important to treat the problem before it worsens.
Paws4Paws applies certified canine massage therapy to your dog to overcome muscular injuries, increase range of movement, alleviate pain related to joint problems such as hip dysplasia and arthritis, relieve the muscle aches and pains of our more senior friends, ease anxiety, and assist in post-operative care and rehabilitation.

Relaxation and stress-release therapy

Paws4Paws is happy to pamper your animal with relaxing canine massages to soothe and rejuvenate your dog’s mind, body and soul. The stress-relieving technique stimulates the skin to release endorphins into your furry friend’s nervous system – the same happy chemicals you feel when you are rubbed, and the ones that relax you the most.
A dog therapy session also helps to improve blood circulation which transports oxygen and nutrients to the cells, boosts the lymphatic system which eliminates the body’s waste products, and promotes a glossy and healthy coat by stimulating the sebum-producing glands atop the skin.

Massages for active dogs

The wholistic practice can also help to enhance performance in sporting dogs, assist show dogs to achieve maximum range of motion around the show ring, and assist to relax them before a show.
Also ideal for working dogs, massage therapy enhances their performance while on the job, and helps them to relex their muscles when their shift is over.

Our dog massage therapist looks forward to making a difference in your dog’s quality of life! We service most of Melbourne, so contact us now to book an appointment for your loved one.

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